New Here?

So, maybe you’re a little new at this God thing. Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve attended a service or even stepped inside a church building.

Maybe the only Bible you have is the “Precious Moments” one with the plastic cover that your grandma gave you years ago. That’s ok. We know it can be overwhelming sometimes.

 Here’s the basics that you need to know:

? Our mission is simple: help people follow Jesus Christ in every aspect of their life.

? Following Jesus is not about following a list of do’s and don’ts – its about finding forgiveness, peace, and purpose in His plan.

? The church isn’t a building; it’s a group of believers. Our building is nice and we like it, but “the church” consists of people – not bricks and concrete.

? We believe everyone should follow Jesus in a personal way. In fact, we  believe that is what life is all about. We are passionate about creating relevant and safe environments where people of all ages can take steps forward on their journey of following Jesus.

? Don’t try to “fix” all the broken things in your life before coming to God. Many times, Godly change in your life is like turning a large ship
around…it takes time.

? Come and check us out. We promise we won’t embarass you or make you do something silly.

We’re definitely not perfect. Some of us have been of this
spirtual journey a little longer than others, but we’re all traveling
together – and we want you to join us. You can even bring
your “Precious Moments” Bible too. And if you don’t have a Bible, we’d be glad to give you one.